Father Rapes His Own Daughter, Then Elders Whip Her For Sick Reason

A young girl in India experienced the most terrifying thing imaginable-- her father raped her. When the village elders found out about the incident, they felt the girl deserved punishment and they whipped her.

The unnamed girl who is reportedly under the age of 13 was in her bed with her 7-year-old sister on the night of the initial attack. Her father was drunk, went into her room, put his hand over her mouth and raped her.

Somehow word of the incident got out. The village council sentenced the father to whipping and a $67 fine. They also sentenced the girl to 'five sticks' worth of whipping because they felt the incident was 'her fault.'

Someone used a cell phone to film the incident. The young girl in a pink dress was tied by the waist as an angry man accused her of being responsible for the rape. He then lashed her at least 10 times until the crowd started shouting, "Enough! Enough!"

The child's mother passed away, and ever since this young girl has taken her mother's place in the home. She's never been to school or out to a playground. She only cooks and cleans for the family, and works in her father's acrobatics show.

“I asked them to beat me because I was at fault,” the girl said to 'The Washington Post' reporters. “The fault was I did not tell anyone about this at home. I told them my father just held my hand. That was my mistake.”

The seven council members were arrested and charged with conspiracy, extortion, and assault. The father was also arrested on charges of child abuse.

Source: Daily Wire
Photo: Conservative Tribune

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