Father Leaves His Baby In The Car While He Visits Gentleman's Club

A strip club employee in California noticed one of the patrons kept walking in and out of the club every 15 minutes. The man was observed going back and forth to his car. The employee decided to go outside and patrol the parking lot to make sure everything was clear, and he found something that totally shocked him.

The employee of the Synn Gentlemen’s Club found a baby strapped into a car seat in a car in the parking lot. The baby was left unattended and crying.

The employee was able to reach a hand into the vehicle and unlock it. He removed the baby and alerted his manager of the ordeal.

The car, and the baby, belonged to the patron Auwin Dargin. The 24-year-old father left the baby in the car so that he could get in a few lap dances. When the manager walked in with the baby in his arms, Dargin knew he was in deep trouble. He tried to take the child and leave.

“Just give me my baby and I know I am messing up,” he told the staff.

The furious manager said he called the police; he told Dargin he could go, but he was not taking the baby with him.

Dargin did try to leave his baby behind and flee, but his timing was bad. Police had just arrived on the scene where they stopped him and arrested him.

“I thought it was unbelievable. I could not believe a father would put his child in that type of danger,” said LAPD officer Charles Chacon.

Dargin was charged with a felony count of child abuse. He was sentenced to only ten days in jail and five years of probation. The judge also ordered the young dad to take 52 weeks of parenting classes and to spend 45 days doing community service.

Source: LA Times
Photo: KTLA

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