Father Attacks Daughter’s Murderer In Courtroom (PHOTOS)

Karl Roberts was convicted back in 1999 for the murder of 12-year-old Andi Brewer, and was recently brought to the Polk County Circuit Court in Arkansas for a competency hearing. According to The Blaze, he made the disturbing decision of speaking directly to the victim’s father, who could control his rage no longer.

The evaluation was meant to determine if Roberts is competent enough to waive his post-conviction rights and accept the death penalty for the horrific crime, which saw Roberts rape and strangle the girl. To make matters even worse, he is reportedly the girl’s uncle by marriage.

The victim’s father, Greg Brewer, was in the courtroom for the hearing. Roberts had a message for Brewer, and turned to him at one point to deliver it.

“Greg, it’s all going to be OK,” Roberts said.

The interaction led Greg to absolutely lose it, and he leapt over the courtroom partition in an attempt to get after Brewer. Officers subdued him before he could make contact, and he was reportedly arrested and booked for the incident.

Roberts has been attempting to waive his rights to accept the death penalty, but his attorneys have stepped in to make the case that he doesn’t have the competency to make such a decision.

Source: The Blaze

Photo: Facebook/KFSM, Klaas Kids

Father attacks daughter's murderer in court.

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