Farmer Finds Old Suitcase On His Land, Panics When He Sees What's Inside

Police in New York state have released a statement noting that the body of an 89-year-old man was discovered in a large suitcase in a field on a farm in Arkansas. The man was a World War II vet who lived in Johnstown, New York.

Lt. David Gilbo of the Johnstown, New York, Police Department, noted that it seems that Robert Brooks died of natural causes at his home perhaps as long as a month prior to when his body was found in a field in Prairie County in early March.

“He was a war hero who could have been buried at the (Arlington) National Cemetery,” Gilbo remarked. “Instead, he ends up in a suitcase dumped in a field in Arkansas.”

It seems that Brooks, who was just 4 feet 11 inches tall, was not dismembered before his small body was put in the large suitcase.

Law enforcement investigators are checking into why Brooks’ body was moved. Gilbo noted that one the possibility was his caregivers had hidden his death to keep receiving monthly Social Security payments.

The police statement also highlights that two caregivers for Brooks have been arrested on charges of suspicion of abuse of a corpse.

The two suspects who were arrested will very likely not be extradited to New York given Arkansas’ strict laws regarding abuse of a corpse. This crime will only lead to a maximum of three years in prison in New York state, whereas in Arkansas, the same charge can lead to a 10-year prison sentence.

Keep in mind that Brooks was a well-known figure in the Johnstown area. He had flown aboard a B-17 bomber as a gunner in the ball turret for over two years during the Second World War.

“It’s the most dangerous assignment in war,” Prairie County Sheriff Rick Hickman pointed out in an interview with the media. “The belly gunner is in a small bubble on the bottom of the plane. The enemy wants to shoot at him first. Life expectancy on that job is very short.”

Source: New York Post
Photo: iStock

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