Eric New Haircut Has Many Saying He Looks Like A Fascist

While the calendar may tell us that the year is 2017, we sometimes have to do a double take based on what passes for news and commentary these days. Perhaps that’s just the way life is in today’s never-ending quest for clicks and likes, but it doesn’t mean we have to feel all warm and fuzzy about it.

In recent times, we have seen an inordinate amount of stories that are released as outright ‘bombshells.’ These stories are then debunked pretty easily, and the only thing you hear from the outlet behind it is crickets.

Beyond those life-altering stories, there’s a scary rise in commentary that’s apparently intended to be ‘edgy.’ In essence, the commentator takes a piece of non-news and plays a good old game of jumping to conclusions with it.

Basically, something is created out of nothing, and that is then portrayed as some kind of biting commentary about a super important topic. The reality is quite different.

As the Independent Journal Review shares, we have our latest example of this phenomenon, and it comes courtesy of the fact that Eric Trump got a haircut. Yes, really.

How is it even possible for this to become a story? Well, that’s because a whole bunch of people decided to create something out of nothing.

Ironically, Trump debuted his new haircut while being interviewed on Fox News.

"In the media, everything's a sideshow... Look at the markets. No one wants to talk about it," he said during the interview.

Now that’s an interesting take that can be dissected from both angles. Those that agree with him can provide some additional evidence to back up their argument, while those that see it differently can intelligently outline their position.

That’s the way it should be, but what actually happened was quite different. Trump’s haircut became a talking point, and the trolls had their version of a field day.

“Eric Trump has a fascist haircut. This cannot possibly be unintentional,” shared one observer.

While you expect that behavior to emanate from an unregulated environment like social media, we wouldn’t expect a reputable outlet to actually pick up this ball and run with it, right? Wrong. The Huffington Post and Esquire both posted lengthy pieces about his haircut, and neither publication was shy about attempting to portray it as some sort of sign that he’s a closet White Nationalist.

“Eric Trump can't even get a haircut without being accused of being a closet Nazi,” shared another observer.

Sad, but very true. While it’s incredibly troubling to see a bunch of baseless insults flying around on social media because someone got a haircut, it’s downright horrifying to know that outlets will actually pick up on this and attempt to paint it as something that’s grounded in reality.

That’s not edgy or pointed commentary, but it is downright irresponsible. Unfortunately, that’s the environment we exist in, and those that are able to remain grounded in reality are left with few options other than shaking their heads.

Source: Independent Journal Review, Esquire
Photos: Fox News Screenshot, Eric Trump/Twitter, Twitter, Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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