Entitled Customers Don't Expect This Restaurant's Response To Their Demands

Philip Ryan decided to take his wife and young son out to eat at a swanky restaurant named Earls that is known for targeting and attracting a young, professional crowd. They did not want to get a babysitter for their one-year-old son, so they brought him along.

They asked the restaurant for a high chair and were told the company doesn't have any. So, the family ate elsewhere in Vancouver, British Columbia. They were also informed of the restaurant’s policy on kids, which allows them but doesn’t necessarily cater to them. Their business model is designed for a childless atmosphere.

Yet, Ryan and his wife returned to Earls with their child. They knew the company did not provide high chairs, but they asked for one anyway. They got the same answer. This time, Ryan decided to sit in an uncomfortable way with his kid on his lap in order to throw a temper tantrum. After the family finished their meals, the dad filed a human rights lawsuit against Earls, alleging they discriminated against his family status.

According to the complaint, Ryan was told by staff that “it is Earls policy to not provide such seating,” when asked for a child seat, insisting that they must accommodate couples with kids. The company responded by saying Ryan was not discriminated against, because he “voluntarily chose not to dine at its restaurant when his preferred seating choice for his child was not available” the first time he came in.

Another parent was told, “I know this might not be the response that you are looking for,” but they have an obligation to their investors to run the business with the desired business model. One parent wrote, “I am a parent too, but it is nice to be able to go to some restaurants without having to hear kids yelling and fussing and have some quiet adult time."

Ryan wasn't there for the food, he wanted attention and a lawsuit. He knew the policy, but went back to break it. There are many family-friendly options in Vancouver. It is clear he filed his lawsuit on purpose.

Photo: Dreamstime, CBC

Family sues restaurant for a bizarre reason.

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