Encounter Between Stranger And Homeless Dad Goes Viral (Video)

A single father of two tried to move his family from New York to Colorado, but his housing and employment plans fell through. He soon found himself and his 2-year-old son homeless, and had to leave his 5-year-old daughter in the care of his mother. Things looked bleak, but one day his lucked turned around in just an instant.

James Moss and his son were living day to day. The young dad was homeless, carless and unable to make ends meet. He'd gone to a store to collect a money transfer from his mother so he could buy some food, but his bus tickets were stolen. He didn't know what he was going to do.

Moss was then approached by Leon Logothetis, a UK writer and television show host. Logothetis is touring the country to spread random acts of kindness. In talking to Moss, hearing his story, Logothetis offered him $1,000 to pay for a hotel room for a week.

“I was in tears. Those are real tears, man. I was like, I can’t believe this, like it seemed like God made everything happen,” said Moss.

When video of Moss went viral, things only got better. He landed a job, but he's living in a shelter with his son and has no transportation. Making things more difficult, he is still on the waiting list for daycare, which means he has to bring his son to work with him every day.

Good Samaritan Kayla Heskett set up a GoFundMe page for Moss, and in just two days raised $20,000.

“There’s no reason to give up in the face of adversity you know, it’s just face it head on, deal with it and things will work themselves out," said Moss.

Source: The Denver Channel
Photo: Youtube

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