Encounter Between Black Lives Matter Group, Counter-Protesters Going Viral (Video)

A new group of protesters clashed with Black Lives Matter (BLM) in a Dallas demonstration on Sunday. Their message is even simpler: "Lives Matter."

The BLM rally started at noon as police looked on to keep the peace. The group began marching down the streets with fists raised, chanting, "Too black, too strong."

Counter-protesters showed up waving American flags, Texas flags, and black-and-blue flags to honor police.

"I do believe that black lives matter, but all lives matter; it's not just one race," said Conner McCasland, 21. "Not saying what they are doing over there is wrong though."

McCasland said he was there to support police.

BLM members expressed feelings that the counter-protestors 'don't want unity' and make things 'look like a war.'

The two leaders of the group came together to talk in peace with Sgt. Jeff Hall mediating.

"We are not against each other, we are all on the same page," said Britny Morrison, the woman who organized the BLM rally. "Black Lives Matter does not mean all lives don't matter. It just means that black lives are being taken at an alarming rate."

"Today we mark history, today we're going to show the rest of the country how we came together," said Joseph Offut, a counter protester. "The President of the United States is going to be here on Tuesday, ... we gotta show him the example of how Dallas can come together."

"I've seen a lot of protests, but I've never seen them come together like that," said Sergeant Hall. "Makes me feel great to see people with such differences come together and work it out."

Source: Dallas News
Photo: YouTube

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