Elderly Man Puts Bags On The Ground After Getting Off The Bus - Police Can’t Believe What Happened Next

An elderly disabled man in Florida had just used up his entire food budget for the month to purchase his groceries. As he struggled to get off a bus with them, a woman walking by grabbed the bags and ran off. The man reported the incident to the police, but he couldn't believe what the kind officer did.

Saleem Hasan, 74, says the woman snatched his groceries when he put them down on the ground. The disabled man was simply not able to chase after her, but living on a fixed income meant his food for the entire month was gone.

Hasan called police to report the theft of approximately $85 in groceries. Officer Franklin showed up and offered to take Mr. Hasan back to Publix supermarket to replace all the stolen groceries.

"These are the efforts that our officers are doing on a regular basis that show the citizens how much we care," wrote the Gainesville Police Department on their Facebook page. They posted an account of the incident, along with a photo of the officer, the mobility-impaired man, and the groceries.

Some police officers are just angels in disguise.

Source: Action News Jax
Photo: Heartti

Police officer goes above and beyond for a man in need.

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