Elderly Man Does Unthinkable After Wife Mutters 5 Words

When some couples get into heated arguments, they don’t hesitate to bring out the big guns in order to wound each other. For some people, that’s figurative: they look for the worst insults possible that they can launch at each other. For other couples, unfortunately, it’s literal. Spats like other people have every day can turn potentially lethal when someone takes things too far.

That recently happened to a couple from the Bronx, New York as they argued over sex and money. The wife said some cruel things, effectively emasculating her much older husband. The husband couldn't take the harsh criticism, so he effectively ended the argument by shooting his young wife in the face. She remains in critical condition, while he's facing charges of attempted murder.

Clarence White, a 72-year-old man, was feeling the strain of marital discord when he lost his job. The loss of employment was apparently putting a great strain on their finances, and by extension, it put a huge strain on their marriage. He admits that had been embroiled in some vicious arguments with his much younger wife, Dominque White, the 28-year-old mother of his three children.

White told police that he and his wife had been fighting about money a lot recently. The two had been arguing all day, according to police reports, when she tried to send him packing. Mrs. White demanded that her husband move out.

The disgruntled husband stormed into the bedroom and began to pack his bags. As he rummaged through his belongings, he came across a pistol that he kept inside of his nightstand. At that point, he made the poor decision to put the pistol in his pocket. In hindsight, that was probably a terrible idea.

The husband trudged back out with bags in hand, but decided to give making up just one more shot. Before leaving the home, White turned around to his wife to plead with her about their troubles in hopes of her being willing to work them out. That's when his wife revealed to him that he was as unsatisfying a lover as he was a provider.

“As he talked to her one last time, [Mrs. White told Clarence] he didn’t do anything for her in the sack or in her pocketbook,” police told the New York Daily News.

White pulled the pistol from his pocket and shot Dominique in the face.

White later told police that shooting his wife was a complete accident and not what he had intended to do. He had only intended to scare her. He explained to police that he gave her a towel to stop her from bleeding, called 911 and followed the operator's instructions to care for her until first responders arrived.

White was arraigned at the Bronx Criminal Court on Friday and charged with attempted murder, assault, harassment, and weapons possession.

Dominique White remains in critical but stable condition at Jacobi Hospital.

Source: Inquisitr
Photo: YabaLeftOnline.com/Twitter

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