Eight-Year-Old Sharp Shooter Making a Name For Herself on Social Media

She was born Addysson Soltau just eight years ago, but now she's making a name for herself as 'Alpha Addy'. The young competitive shooter is making an impression on gun enthusiasts everywhere by showing of her shooting skills on social media. The young girl may be the future face of competitive shooting.

Addy is from Austin, TX and has taken up competitive shooting, and as it turns out, she's a natural. The NRA featured Addy in a blog post and named her one of the 10 girls who are 'Changing the Face of Competitive Shooting'. She's also one of the youngest members of her women's only shooting club in Austin.

Addy took up shooting after she saw a YouTube video featuring a young shooter named Katelyn Francis. The video, put out by NRA women, inspired Addy and she got very excited about learning how to shoot.

"I looked at all her videos and here was a girl a little older than me having fun shooting firearms. I didn't think girls could do stuff like that," the 8-year-old tells the Daily Mail.

At the time, Addy was six years old. Now, after two years of training, it's clear that she's got a talent for shooting. She posts videos of her shooting on Facebook and Instagram, and is drawing quite a following.

Addy has been shooting with a Davey Crickett .22lr, by Keystone Sporting Arm, but her favorite firearm is a rimfire rifle. She shows off her guns on her social media accounts, as well as video recordings of her practicing shooting, reloading and more.

She practices every day, and safety rules are the biggest part of her lessons. Every day, she goes over all the safety procedures.

"After I get my competition belt on, check that my magazines are empty, and put them in my pouches, we go over all the safety rules plus a few extra every single day before I am allowed to even touch my gun," she explains. "I point out and name all the parts of my handgun and then check to make sure the handgun is clear and safe."

If you’re thinking Addy is a little too obsessed with guns, you’ll be glad to know that she’s a very well-rounded young girl. She does well in school, she’s a cheerleader for her school football team, and she’s also a purple belt in karate.

In 2015, she became the Texas State Grand Champion American Society of Karate. Shooting is only a favorite hobby of hers; but she makes sure to fit a lot of other things into her schedule.

Addy hopes to inspire other young girls the same way she was inspired by a young female shooter. "I really hope that a little girl sees my YouTube videos and is inspired the same way I was by Katelyn Francis, and I hope she asks her parents about firearms or if she can learn how to shoot," she says. "I also hope parents see this and talk to their kids about being safe around firearms."

Addy has already inspired at least one person: her sister, Trystan. Her younger sister has recently taking up competitive shooting as well. Her nickname is 'Trystan the Tater Tot Sure Shot'.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: You Tube

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