Eagles Fan Allegedly Punches a Horse, Now Is Suing The Team

A Philadelphia Eagles fan was pumped up when he went to a game, but things went terribly wrong. He ended up getting into an altercation with police officers, and a police horse. Now, he is claiming that he's the victim in the incident, and he's suing the team and the police.

Andrew Tornetta was arrested at the Eagles-Vikings NFC Championship game at Lincoln Financial Field on January 21. The incident happened hours before the game. According to police, mounted officers were attempting to break up a violent tailgating situation outside the stadium, but Tornetta refused to disperse peacefully.

They say the 19-year-old became combative when they approached him, and an officer grabbed his jacket. Tornetta wiggled out of the jacket and freed himself, but then the officer grabbed him by the sweatshirt.

Officers say the suspect then turned and punched a horse with a closed fist, twice, on the front shoulder. He then punched the corporal and attempted to flee again.

Tornetta continued to wiggle out of clothing until he was shirtless and tried to lose police in the crowd, but he was detained and subdued by authorities.

Images filmed by football fans show Tornetta being led away from the scene, shirtless, in handcuffs, and dripping with blood. He was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and failure to disperse.

Tornetta completed 12 hours of community service in exchange for the charges being dropped. He paid $222 in court fees and went on his way.

Since the incident, however, he claims the consequences have continued. He's been the object of mockery, as well as of angry attacks by animal lovers.

Tornetta says he's the real victim in the incident. He claims that the police officers provided a misleading statement to the investigators, and that he did not, in fact, punch a horse. Tornetta says he didn't actually punch anyone at all intentionally, so he's suing the police.

He's furious because he has been 'demonized on social media and internet sites reporting upon his assault on police and his cruelty towards animals'. The now 20-year-old says he's also suing the Philadelphia Eagles for failing to supervise police, who were acting on their behalf.

Tornetta says cops 'unsheathed their batons and began beating him multiple times', according to the suit. He claims he suffered serious injuries to his face, skull and back. According to the alleged horse-beater, the officers were not properly trained to deal with the incident.

Thus far, police and the Eagles have remained silent regarding the case. lawsuit.

Horses seem to be taking a beating at the Eagles games these days. Just one week before the incident with Tornetta, another man assaulted a police horse during the divisional playoffs, when the Eagles went head-to-head with the Atlanta Falcons.

Taylor Hendricks, a 22-year-old from Whitehall, had been drinking and didn't have a ticket to the game. He was ejected from the stadium, and took it out on a police officer's horse. He repeatedly punched the horse.

Bystanders captured the incident on their phones. After Hendricks was tossed out of the stadium, he stumbled over to the mounted officers to start some trouble.

According to Hendricks' attorney, "He's extremely remorseful and has a very real alcohol problem... He has sought help for that and is actively trying to beat his addiction."

Source: Philly
Photos: Huzlers, NBC Philadelphia

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