"Duck Dynasty" Family Member Recounts Experience - Three Men In Van Followed Her

Sadie Robertson, the 20-year-old Daughter of 'Duck Dynasty' star Willie Robertson, took to Instagram to post thanks to her father and her God, claiming she's lucky to be safe right now. The former 'Dancing with The Stars' contestant said she almost became a statistic when a bunch of men followed her in a mall, and she ran into them in the parking garage.

The 20-year-old actress best known for her role in the film 'God's Not Dead II' says that she may have been in grave danger when she was out shopping on Friday night. Robertson reports that she was in a mall and noticed three men following her around. She ignored it and apparently they eventually went away, but when she headed to her car in the parking garage, she ran into them again.

“Tonight was a very frightening night. I walked out into the parking garage and saw a white van parked beside my car with 3 men that had previously been following me in the mall," she wrote.

It's unclear exactly what transpired, as Robertson won't go into detail. But she appears to be convinced that the encounter was a serious threat to her safety. “You hear this story all the time … I won’t go into the details of mine however I’m very thankful tonight to be writing y’all a message of awareness tonight … let me remind you that scary things can happen at anytime.”

Robertson, who comes from the very religious reality show family, praised God for protecting her, but she warned people to remember to beware that there is evil in the world.

“Even though we serve a GOOD God let me remind you that scary things can happen at anytime, because until the day Jesus comes back evil will still be in the world,” she explained. “I’m thankful I do not have to fear anything in the world because this world is not my home, I’m thankful for the big picture, and honestly I’m really thankful for good people. For my earthly dad who answered the phone to calm my Spirit, and for my Heavenly Father who sends His Spirit to comfort me.”

She also praised her 'earthly father', Willie, for helping to calm her down after the ordeal. The shaken young woman called her father right after it happened and he helped soothe her.

Robertson also wanted to remind people of her generation to be more careful. "...I want to encourage everyone to be aware of your surroundings. We hear this a lot, but then we also snap chat a lot if ya know what I mean. We aren't necessarily the most aware of our surroundings generation, but a minute of not paying attention tonight could of created a whole different life for me," she said. “Be aware, always be in prayer, trust your 'weird feelings' (Spirit Checks), and call your accountability ALWAYS no matter how sure you are of the situation.”

Source: Independent Journal Review
Photo: Sadie Robertson/Instagram

She shared her experience on Instagram.

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