Driver Coming From Mexico Stopped, Border Patrol Makes Startling Find In Trunk

In the first month of President Donald Trump's first term, illegal border crossings have already dropped by 40 percent. The president has taken a strong stand against illegal immigration, and it seems to be paying off. It doesn't completely stop everyone from trying, however.

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents were at California's San Ysidro border crossing on Tuesday when a K-9 team indicated something suspicious about a 2014 Chrysler. The driver, an American citizen coming from Mexico, was ordered by the agents to pop the trunk. When he did, agents found four Chinese nationals crammed into the small space.

“Concealing persons in vehicles is dangerous and could have severe consequences," said Director of Field Operations Peter Flores. "San Ysidro CBP officers stopped a violation of our immigration law and were able to resolve the incident safely."

The four individuals -- three women and one man -- had 'no legal ability to enter the United States', reports say. According to CPB, the four Chinese nationals face criminal processing. After processing, they will most likely be deported back to their homeland.

The American who attempted to smuggle the Chinese individuals across the border is also being charged, and may face harsh penalties. According to a press release, the unnamed man been transported to Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) to await arraignment. The car he was driving has been seized. The 24-year-old could face up to 10 years in prison for each count of smuggling, which means he could spend up to 40 years in jail for his actions.

San Ysidro is the busiest border crossing in the world, with as many as 50,000 vehicles passing through each day. The checkpoint is less than two miles from the Mexico-U.S. border, and 16 miles south of San Diego. Dogs are often used to sniff out smugglers of drugs or even humans making their way across illegally.

Source: Independent Journal Review
Photo: Independent Journal Review

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