Dress Woman Was Given For Her Daughter To Play Dress-Up In Turns Out To Be Worth A Fortune

A lot of shows on television right now focus on people finding objects that turn out to be worth a fortune. Some favorite shows feature antique appraisers willing to take a look at the things that visitors bring along, dreaming of instant wealth. It's hard to believe that some item you stashed away in the attic or left sitting in a drawer for years could be worth so much, but it happens.

One woman recently got lucky with a dress that was supposed to be for her child to play with. The elderly woman said she got the dress from a friend back in the 1960's. The woman had recently had a daughter, and the friend thought the frilly, floral, old-fashioned dress might be fun for a game of dress-up some day.

The woman left the dress in the original box and stuffed it into a drawer. Then she didn't think much about it for more than 40 years. She never did give it to her daughter to play with, and would only come across it once in a while before forgetting about it again.

The older woman was finally sorting through all the items she'd collected over the years and was ready to downsize. She came across the old dress, which she hadn't even fully removed from the box in all this time, and remembered how she got the gift. She just covered the box again and put it in a pile of stuff that was meant to be given away.

“Sure, it’s pretty. But I have no use for it,” she said was her thought when she came across it. It was rather old-fashioned, after all.

The woman's daughter dropped by to pick up her mother's donations to charity. When she saw the dress, she was intrigued and asked about it.

Her mother told her the story. The daughter urged her mother to keep the dress a while longer and get it professionally appraised.

That's just what the woman did, and she was stunned to discover that the dress had serious value. It was a silk frock made in the mid-1700s, with hand-painted fabric and stunning embellishments.

The appraiser said it was a “Robe à La Française” known as a “Sack-back Gown,” and it was quite a popular style among the aristocracy of the 18th century. It turns out there is a high demand for such gowns among museums and collectors, because rarely are they found in such excellent condition.

Leaving the dress in the box all those years helped to preserve it, and now it's worth over $50,000. The woman could hardly breathe when she learned about how much it was worth.

It’s stories like this that show people should never give up hope. Anyone who dreamed of finding a treasure might stumble upon it at a garage sale, thrift shop, or tucked away up in grandma’s attic. Before you give anything away do a quick check on it, because you never know if that old trinket that’s been lying around for years could be worth the price of a new car, a house, or a lavish retirement.

Source: All Cute All The Time
Photo: YouTube

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