Doctors Keep Finding Needles in Her Legs, But Woman Insists She Doesn't Know How They Get There

One woman in India is a something of a medical mystery, and her unusual case has a lot of doctors scratching their heads. The woman continues to go to the doctor complaining of excruciating pain. Several times, the doctors have looked at her leg and extracted needles and pins that have been inserted. They keep coming back, but she insists she's not the one putting them there.

Anusuiya Devi first visited doctors back in 2012 due to serious leg pain. When they first examined the woman they were startled to discover that she had a number of sharp objects - mainly needles and pins - stuck deep in the woman's leg.

Doctors removed the object and suspected that the 35-year-old woman inserted them herself. The woman says it's not true and denies having anything to do with the needles and pins. But ever since 2012, she has returned repeatedly with the same problem.

"I've had this problem for five years. Needles just come out of my legs," Devi says. "I have no explanation, I have no idea how they get in there and I'm fed of the constant pain now. Doctors say this is some kind of sickness but none of them seem to be aware of it. I just want someone to help me, I am in pain every day. I want it to stop."

According to Devi, it always starts with small bumps and pimples on her leg. After a while, they get worse, and then burst. Eventually, they start expelling discharged, and begin to push out a needle or a nail, right through her skin.

Her brother, Awadhesh Kumar, lives with her. He doesn't believe his sister is harming herself and he can't explain it either.

"It has been five years now and she's in so much pain every day. I am really stressed for her," says Kumar. "There are three kinds of needles that come out of her body; nails, needles and syringe needles used in hospitals. We have no explanation. I'm with her most of the time, and I've never seen her do anything to herself which would explain this. We just want someone to help us."

Doctors have extracted up to 70 pins and nails from Devi's skin at once. They find it hard to believe that Devi doesn't know where the foreign objects are coming from and suspect that she's inserting them into her legs herself for attention.

"We did several X-rays including full body X-ray and we found 70 different kinds of iron needles in her legs below the knees," confirmed one doctor. Surgeon Dr. Naresh Vishal acknowledges the patient is in pain, but doesn't believe there are natural causes to this illness.

"We did a full body scan to see if there were nails in other parts of her body but there was nothing elsewhere. We only found needles in her legs, nowhere else. Medically, it is not possible for such needles to just develop in a human's body. So far we cannot confirm how the needles enter her body; but we suspect the patient has been self-harming. We need to determine whether the patient has any kind of a mental illness and she forcefully inserts them."

"I have never seen a case like this in my medical career. We spotted so many needles in her legs, we cannot understand how she's coped with the pain for so long. She will have suffered greatly," the doctor added.

Vishal is referring Devi to another hospital where her condition will be monitored more closely.

Source: Daily Mail, Oddity Central
Photo: Cover Asia Press, SWNS

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