Doctors Gave Baby Zero Chance To Live - He Proved Them Wrong

During a checkup when Sierra Yoder was 20 weeks pregnant, doctors told her and her husband Dustin that their son would be “incompatible with life,” and that he had almost no chance of surviving. They noted the baby suffered from encephalocele, a sac-like protrusion of the brain, covered by thin membranes, just outside of the skull.

Mom Sierra said she and Dustin were stunned, saying in an interview:

“We were unimaginably shocked when we got the dire prognosis. The specialist gave us no hope that he would ever live, breathe or thrive. It was gut-wrenching and nerve-wracking to think I was going to have our baby, just to say goodbye as soon as we got to say hello.”

Medical experts told then it would be best to abort the baby, explaining that even if the baby did survive, it would be a “vegetable with no feeling, no pain, no emotions.”
But they decided to keep the baby. Sierra said that she just “knew”:

“My maternal instinct since his diagnosis had been telling me they were wrong about him.”

Bentley was born on October 8th, 2015 with his brain was outside his skull. The parents then took their baby to Boston Children’s Hospital, where doctors took months to analyze the complex case.

Moreover, the doctors had good news; Bentley had a great deal of functional brain tissue.

The doctors suggested to the parents that they perform a surgery to cut off the bulge, and preserve as much of Bentley’s brain tissue as possible.

Facing the reality that the protrusion would only get bigger, the Yoders decided to undertake with the surgery.

The surgeon in the case explained how Bentley’s case was very unusual:

“Many encephalocele cases, you essentially just amputate the part of the brain that’s outside [of the head] because it’s not functional. But in his case, we made a great effort to preserve it all.”

The fantastic news is that Bentley survived the surgery, and doctors were able to save close to 90% of his brain tissue. He is now a healthy baby boy living with his family.

Source: IJ Review
Photo: Facebook

Baby proved doctors wrong, alive and well.

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