Doctors Stunned By Blood Test Results For Rape Victim, Immediately Call Police

Children of all ages are expected to be friendly and look out for each other. However, more often than not, children are implicated in emotional bullying, violence and tragically, sexual assault. In 2015, a horrific case emerged from the capital of Louisiana, Baton Rouge when a 17-year-old boy was accused of first-degree rape and indecent behavior with a 13-year-old girl.

On 16 August, 2015, the teenage boy, Justin Posey, was at the victim’s uncle’s house along with friends and other relatives of the young girl. The girl has informed authorities that Posey had been with her and some friends in a bedroom before the assault took place. After the other people left the room, Posey leapt on her, restrained her on the bed and raped her.

By this stage, the festivities at the house were in full swing and the young victim’s muffled screams were not heard above the sound of the music.

The aftermath of the assault has been devastating on the 13-year-old girl’s mental and physical health. As a result of the incident, the traumatized victim was checked into a hospital in Lafayette on 27 October, 2015, after having suicidal feelings.

However, the distressed girl was subjected to further terrible news when it was revealed to her by doctors that her blood results had tested positive for HIV. The unnamed victim knew that Justin Posey was to blame and contacted the authorities to report his horrendous sexual assault, revealing that the teenager had also contacted her over Instagram in an attempt to have sex again after the initial sexual assault.

On 3 November 2015, Justin Posey turned himself into the Baton Rouge Police Department where he was subsequently charged with first-degree rape, indecent behavior with a juvenile and armed robbery with bond set at $400,000.

The unnamed victim is reportedly being assisted by workers from the Children’s Advocacy Center off Government Street with the clinical director offering a heart-warming message to the young girl and other people like her, saying: "You're not alone. You're not damaged and can transform the experience of trauma into healing".

Source: Fox 8
Photo: WBRZ

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