Doctor Gives Woman Shocking News 7 Months After She Had Triplets

After a year and a half of disappointment, fertility treatments helped one couple conceive triplets. Just seven months after the birth of the triplets, mom and dad found out that there are two more little ones on the way.

David and Julie got married in 2012 and were ready to start a family right away. Unfortunately, that was not going well for the couple. For 18 months they tried to conceive, but it wasn't happening.

Thanks to almost two years of fertility treatments, David and Julie found out triplets were on the way. Two of the babies Julie was carrying were identical twins, which is rare in a set of triplets. This caused some pregnancy complications; twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome threatened the lives of one of their babies.

The three boys were premature, but healthy. David and Julie were thrilled, and were already talking about trying for just one more baby. They assumed they were going to have to go through another long round of fertility treatments.

They never actually got to start treatments. The triplets were just 7 months old when Julie felt nauseous one day. A pregnancy test confirmed that Julie was pregnant again - this time, with twin girls! She gave birth to the two girls just 14 months after having the triplets.

After a big roller-coaster ride, now, they’re just one, big happy family.

Source: Little Things
Photo: Facebook/David Grygla

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