Doctor’s Can’t Believe What Was Growing Inside This 5-Year-Old

The world's youngest (known) mother was only five years old when she gave birth. Though it was over 80 years ago, the woman's tragic story continues to break hearts around the world.

Lina Medina's stomach started to swell when she was only five. Her mother started getting worried. Initially, the local shamans of the girl's poor Peruvian village thought that she was possessed. Then, her mother brought her to the doctors.

Doctors initially thought the young girl had a tumor. They conducted tests and were horrified to discover the child was actually seven month's pregnant. She was way too far along to even consider abortion, and in 1939, it would have been unheard of anyway.

Lina had a condition we now know as 'precocious puberty,' a condition in which a child's sexual organs mature early. That's how she was able to get pregnant. Her family had no choice but to let the little one finish out her pregnancy. She gave birth to a baby boy via C-section.

Gerardo was 6 pounds and healthy. He was raised by Medina's mother, and was told that Lina was his sister. It wasn't until he was 10 years old that he learned Lina was actually his mother.

The little girl couldn't explain to police who made her pregnant. Many suspected her father was molesting her, and he was even arrested. He was released by police due to lack of evidence. It's unclear if he really is Gerardo's biological father, or if someone else was molesting the little girl.

Lina went on to have as normal a life as she could. She married in 1970 and gave birth to a second son. She remained close with Gerardo until his death in 1979. He died at the age of 40 from bone cancer.

Lina's story might sound like a horrible urban legend, but it's true; it's been medically documented. The now 83-year-old woman always refused interviews and is trying to live out her life in peace.

Source: NY Post
Photo: Rare Historical Photos

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