DMV Rejects Man's License, Says It Might Offend Muslims (Photos)

Americans are sick of ISIS and one Bakersfield man wants to share that message with the world on his car’s license plate.

The man, who did not want to be identified, was denied a plate that said “No ISIS” by the California DMV. Though they were approved and printed up, a clerk at the DMV refused to give them to him, reports.

California Assemblywoman Shannon Grove stepped in to help him get his plates.

"I couldn't believe that he was denied right here in Kern County, it's not like San Francisco or Los Angeles,” said Grove. “So I said, 'I'll be right there.'”

The man eventually was given his plates after Grove visited the DMV with him.

"I was upset that he was a constituent that called, I wanted to make sure he got his product he paid for by the state,” she said. “But I was even more upset that we had an individual at the DMV who took their personal preference to deny their right to have that plate.”

The Assemblywoman was scheduled to ride in the man’s car for the Bakersfield Veterans Day Parade, but opted to ride in an open vehicle so parade-goers could see her.

Source: Turn To 23
Photo: 23ABC, Youtube

'No ISIS' license plate denied by DMV.

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