Disturbing Find Prompts Officials To Take Custody Of Elvis’ Grandkids

Lisa Marie Presley, 49, the only known daughter of music legend Elvis Presley, probably thought the fourth time would be the charm. After marrying her fourth husband, the couple gave birth to twin daughters. Then years later, Presley suddenly divorced Michael Lockwood. The musician is now in custody of police, and children are in custody of social workers after Lockwood was found to be in possession of indecent images of children.

Lockwood, 55, was Presley's guitarist, music producer and director. The two were wed in 2006 in Japan. Two years later, Presley gave birth to daughters Finley and Harper.

All things seemed to be fine on the family front, but then in June, Presley quietly filed divorce papers with LA county, citing 'irreconcilable differences.' She requested full custody of the twins.

The Daily Mail recently reported accusations that Lockwood was caught with a stash of inappropriate images of children. The files were found on Lockwood's computer by Presley, who said they made her 'sick to her stomach.'

In a court divorce document, Presley dropped a bomb about her ex. “When I discovered the photos on Respondent’s computer, and viewed the videos, I was shocked and horrified and sick to my stomach. I had no idea that Respondent had taken these photos. I will refrain from describing the photographs in detail out of respect for the privacy of my family,” the documents said, according to OK! Magazine.

The children were collected by California's Department of Children and Family social workers, and have been taken into protective custody. They'll remain there until Lockwood's hearing, scheduled for March.

There have been no reports on the content of the photos, or whether they’re of the couple’s twins or other children. The only thing known is that they are considered ‘indecent’ by authorities, and hundreds of images have been found in Lockwood’s possession. It’s also unclear why the children aren’t residing with their mother at this time.

Source: The Sun
Photo: Radar Online

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