Disabled Vet Delivers His Own Daughter - On The Sidewalk

When the baby is ready to come, the baby means business. Those that have ever experienced the excitement and concern that’s caused by a pending birth know that all too well, which is why most folks will plan things down to the tiniest detail to ensure they make it to the hospital in time. Alas, even the best-laid plans can go awry - especially when we’re talking about a baby that is more than eager to get to the outside world.

As Fox News shares, that was the situation that befell this couple from Atlanta. Marcus Nash and his fiance, Charlie White, were expecting a little bundle of joy any day now. White began experiencing some back pain, and she became overcome with a feeling that she had better head to the hospital. The couple put the wheels in motion to make that happen, but they wouldn’t get too far in their travels.

The couple made it as far as the sidewalk outside of their home when their new arrival made it clear that the time was now.

“When that last pain hit I just knew it was time, and I couldn’t stop it,” White explained.

Nash, a disabled veteran, sprang into action from that point.

"I laid her down right here," Nash said, pointing to the concrete outside of their home. "The baby was coming out."

Thankfully, some kind neighbors were soon on the scene to lend a hand to the frantic couple. Cardena Williamson and her wife Bri Anderson were home at the time, and they heard quite the ruckus going on. They went to check it out, and they would quickly leap into action as well.

"I had my wife run upstairs and get blankets and towels to keep the baby warm and keep the mommy warm," Williamson explained.

Nash was able to coach his fiance through the delivery with the assistance of his neighbors. Before too long, the bundle of joy had arrived - right there on the sidewalk. The ambulance crew would arrive soon thereafter, and all members of the family are now doing well.

"To see her now, she's just a beautiful and gorgeous child, and it's just amazing to see how she got here," Williamson continued.

As for Nash, who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, he’s forever grateful to his kind neighbors, who he refers to as ‘angels.’

"I don't know what I would have done," he added. "I would have been waiting for the ambulance to come with a whole baby in my hand."

This is a rather amazing tale that’s made all the more special by the fact that Nash has his plate full dealing with his PTSD. Despite that, he was able to keep his wits about him and keep the situation under control. His amazing neighbors deserve a gigantic tip of the cap for pitching in without hesitation. Best wishes to the new family, but it sounds like they have everything they want right in time for the holidays.

Source: Fox News
Photo: Fox 5 Atlanta

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