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Parents Horrified When They Discover What's Inside Son's Breathing Tube

Parents who placed their son in a facility so that he could receive proper medical care were shocked to learn that he was getting anything but that.

A New York State group home is under investigation after one of their disabled patients was diagnosed with a maggot infestation. This wasn't the first time that an emergency room found the man overrun with maggots. It turns out, it was coming from his breathing tube.

The facility that cared for him was not doing a very good job keeping things clean.

The story hit the media after 41-year-old nursing home patient Steven Wenger was found to have a maggot infestation in his breathing tube for the second time. Wenger was involved in a car accident when he was 15 years old, and is physically disabled.

He can't talk, walk or even breathe on his own, so he and his parents depend on the state-run facility for his care.

Wenger had to be rushed to the emergency room twice, and both times he was diagnosed with a maggot infestation. The source of the problem appears to be the breathing tube in the poorly run state facility in Rome, New York.

Wenger's father had his son moved temporarily after the terrible incident, and tried to get his son moved back. The facility is much closer to home so that the family can visit Wenger, but after the family registered complaints, the facility refused to take the disabled man back.

Wenger sought help and brought the matter to the attention of a local politician.

When New York Democratic Assemblyman Anthony Brendisi, who is running for congress, heard about the tragic case, he was disgusted.

He is now calling for the US Department of Health and Human Services to investigate the operation.

According to Brendisi, the state has received numerous complaints of abuse and neglect regarding this facility. He wants a federal probe into the conditions.

"It's clear from seeing this that New York state cannot be relied on to police itself," Brendisi said to the AP.

"When you have thousands of cases [of abuse and neglect] happening across the state – this being one of the most egregious – we must give some reassurance to families that their loved ones are being taken care of."

The Justice Center for the Protection of People With Special Needs told Brendisi that Wenger's case was closed because his father was satisfied with the results of their investigation. According to Wenger's father, this is simply not true.

"There has to be more transparency by the Justice Center," he said.

What the Justice Center found after an 'exhaustive' review is that there were maggots in the breathing tube due to neglect. However, they were unable to find the responsible party. Because of this, no employees at the home were fired or even reprimanded, and no action was taken.

It’s proven exceedingly difficult to obtain any reports about investigations and complaints. From 2013 through 2016, there were more than 82,000 complaints.

State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli tried to get the reports on them, and after much effort, he was only able to obtain some 8 percent of the reports.

"I know Steven isn't important to anyone else," said Walter Wenger, "but he's a child of God and no one should be treated like this."

Source: AOL
PhotoS: YouTube, Circa, Rome Centinal

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