Disabled Man Dragged Around A Parking Lot By This Man - He Didn’t See This Coming

Law enforcement in Fairfield, California are searching for a man who dragged an elderly disabled man from his car and beat him in a Walmart parking lot. Witnesses said the fight started over a handicapped parking spot.

Apparently, the elderly man that was beaten spoke to the suspect’s girlfriend and accused her of parking illegally in a handicapped spot.

"All of a sudden, the guy just attacked him, older gentleman. Opened up his door, grabbed him around his neck, punched him a couple of times," witness Chris Benett explained.

He and his girlfriend Suzie Fowler were stunned when they witnessed the assault.

Suzie began recording the assault right after the victim hit his head on the ground after being pulled from his car. The suspect can be seen and heard cursing.

Benett, despite being disabled, intervened to try and stop the assault. "I got the suspect off of the victim," Bennett noted.

"We have parents too. It's hard to imagine something like that happening to them. You don't really think about your safety in that type of circumstance," Fowler commented.

The suspect then turned to Fowler and told her to stop recording him.

"I'll do what I wanna do. I had my dog in the back of the car. I have a pit bull," Fowler replied.

The suspect and his girlfriend then got in separate cars and fled the scene.

Fairfield police have requested that the public contact them to help identify the suspect.

Source: Fox40
Photo: Fox40

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