Nurse Issues Warning After 'Stick Blender' Nearly Costs Woman A Limb

At times, it's easy to dismiss the idea of kitchen safety. We think we know our appliances well, and we don't need to exercise all that much caution around them. Unfortunately, that's far from the case.

Hand-held blenders, also known as 'stick blenders' have been hawked on infomercials for decades. The kitchen gadgets can be convenient: you can blend a sauce, make a smoothie, whip some cream or chop up some ice without even transferring your ingredients into a different bowl.

One woman came into a hospital showing a terrible accident that happened while using her stick blender, and doctors posted her X-ray as a warning. People on social media says stick blenders aren't the problem; stupid users agree.

A nurse was the first to post the X-ray photo to an app known as 'Figure 1', where doctors go to share medical images with their colleagues and get opinions. The nurse said the 34-year-old patient came in with the blender blades embedded in her flesh.

"A chickpea got caught in one of the blades and she decided to remove it without turning off the blender," the nurse wrote, explaining that when the pea suddenly freed itself, the blender started moving again.

The woman brought the blender, with the blade still stuck in her hand, all the way to the emergency room. When she left, the nurse says, "She asked to take the blender with her."

This rose into a discussion of how dangerous stick blenders can be. Joe Mulligan, a British Red Cross first aid educator, noted the dangers of leaving stick blenders plugged in. "With a mains-powered blender, it's crucial to unplug it before putting your fingers anywhere near the blades," he said.

Mulligan continues "In this case, the chickpea could have jammed the blades — but once it is dislodged, the blades will start moving again — quicker than you can move your finger out of the way. Once the flesh has been sliced away, bone will be next. The purpose of these gadgets is to form a paste!"

"Removing the blades would require some surgery, at least with local anesthetic — never try to remove anything that's embedded yourself," Mulligan added.

The post made its way on social media, and not everyone was convinced that the blender was the dangerous thing. A person who would stick their finger into a jammed blender was probably the cause of this accident.

That's like saying an oven is dangerous because someone turned it on and stuck their head inside of it.

The Daily Mail picked up the story, and commenters quickly pointed out the pea-brained move on the woman's part.

"What kind of idiot sticks their finger in a device with very sharp blades?" one commenter asked.

"No thought about unplugging the device before sticking her finger in?" asked another.

"And she thought sticking her finger in a moving blade was a good idea why?" asked another.

A stick blender is no different in a sense than a regular blender: obviously, you keep your fingers away from the blades, lest you risk losing a digit. If your blender is clogged and you absolutely must poke at it, do yourself a huge favor: unplug it first.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: YouTube, Figure 1, Dirk Ingo Franke/Wikimedia, designbuildinhabit/Flickr,

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