Dad Thrown In Jail After Protecting His Daughter From A Predator - Should He Be Freed?

A man in Kentucky is claiming his constitutional rights are being violated for protecting his own property from a spying drone. “My daughter comes in and says, ‘Dad, there’s a drone out here flying,’ ” William H. Merideth, 47, explained in an interview with local media sources.

Merideth, a resident Bullitt County, grabbed his shotgun and rushed outside. He shot at the flying device and scored a direct hit. The device ended up in a field a short distance from his yard.

“I went and got my shotgun and I said, ‘I’m not going to do anything unless it’s directly over my property,’ ” Merideth said, explaining the drone disappeared when his daughter waved it off. “Within a minute or so, here it came. It was hovering over top of my property, and I shot it out of the sky. I didn’t shoot across the road, I didn’t shoot across my neighbor’s fences, I shot directly into the air.”

Merideth naturally assumed the drone was spying on his sunbathing daughter, but the owner of the drone says that’s not true. He has filed a suit for property damage and claims he was just taking pics of a neighboring house.

The dead-eye homeowner was arrested shortly after the incident.

“There were some words exchanged there about my weapon, and I was open carry — it was completely legal,” he said in the interview.

“Long story short, after that, they took me to jail for wanton endangerment first degree and criminal mischief … because I fired the shotgun into the air.”

Merideth is not taking this lying down, He says he plans to take legal action relating to his arrest. He points out that he only fired at the drone because it was hovering over his home and near his skimpily dressed daughter.

“Our rights are being trampled daily,” he remarked. “Not on a local level only — but on a state and federal level. We need to have some laws in place to handle these kind of things.”

Source: AWM
Photo: AWM

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