Dad Shocked After Taking A Second Glance At Photo Of Son At Costco - Look Behind Him

Apparently, Costco has wormholes that allow you to time travel. I wonder if you can buy them in bulk! One father noticed this and snapped a photo of it as proof. That photo is now going viral all over the internet, according to Little Things.

You might not notice it by looking at the photo at first, but eventually you’ll notice.

The dad and his son apparently traveled into the future where his son is a 70-year-old man. The father had no idea that his son was a regular Marty McFly! Well, they didn’t actually time travel. It’s just an astronomically weird coincidence.

“I guess I know what my son will look like in 70 years…” the father wrote in a post on Reddit.

Actually, seeing a random man in the same exact outfit as his child is pretty phenomenal in itself. The only thing that is different is his sneakers. Otherwise they are twinsies. It may not be wormhole time traveling type of phenomenal, but it’s still pretty weird and outrageous. It’s pretty much the photobomb of all photobombs.

Everyone loves when something crazy happens in the background of their photos that’s actually more interesting than the subject, and this photo is no exception. Like we said, it’s the photobomb of all photobombs.

Source: Little Things
Photo: Little Things/Reddit

What are the odds!

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