Creepy Homeless Woman Lures Children Into Store By Promising Them Candy

In a bizarre and scary story out of North Texas, a man saw a few children playing outside a Dallas apartment complex last week. Everything seemed normal until another adult approached the kids.

According to local media reports, two young boys were playing games with a couple of neighbor kids when a young woman (later identified as 23-year-old Castle Kameron Gately) came up and started to talk to them.

The male witness told officials that Gately was “luring the children with a chocolate bar.”

So he decided to follow her.

It seems that Gately took the boys, aged 5 and 6, to a Wal-Mart not far away. She apparently told the boys she'd get them food and drinks if they went with her to the store.

However, Gately was caught shoplifting inside the store.

Local media sources say the Walmart loss-prevention employees asked the boys, who had been close to Gately while she was shoplifting, a few questions, and found out they didn't even know Gately.

When they were interviewed, the boys said they went with her to the store with Gately because she’d told them she’d get them “whatever they wanted.”

The witness who had followed Gately and the boys were also able to tell police what he had seen. The boys were returned to their homes — as their families had already called 911 to report them missing.

Police came to the scene and arrested Gately for shoplifting, and it seems they found a bag in her bra containing illegal crystal meth.

Gately says she is homeless and is now facing two counts of unlawful restraint of a minor, one charge of substance possession, and one charge of theft. She remains incarcerated on $150,000 bail.

No details about the witness who followed the boys to the Walmart were available, but the families expressed their gratitude to the Good Samaritan.

Source: IJR
Photo: IJR

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