Cowboy's Brutally Honest Sign Lands Him In Hot Water

It doesn’t take much to get people riled up during election season, and that’s been readily apparent among the passionate supporters of both major presidential candidates. There’s simply not many things that supporters of either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton can agree on, whether it be which candidate would make the better president, their stances on various hot-button issues, or simply what’s appropriate - and what’s not.

As WTSP points out, a scene that recently played out at Barnacle Bill’s Seafood Restaurant in Sarasota, FL provides a perfect glimpse into the minds of the supporters, and how much of a divide there is between both sides. The issue at the restaurant? A sign.

“NRA Member. Concealed Carry Ok. Not Deplorable. Vote Trump,” the sign reads.

The sign has stoked the passions of the community. In fact, it’s become such a hot topic, there were actually dueling protests that gathered outside of the restaurant. Those who approved of the message made up one corner, while those against it made up the other side.

“That doesn’t make me deplorable, doesn’t make me a racist or bigot. I had enough. If the wrong person gets into office we lose the Supreme Court, and change this country forever,” says William Davis, Barnacle Bill’s owner, in response to why he’s supporting Trump.

Source: WTSP
Photo: WFLA, TripAdvisor

New sign stirs controversy.

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