Couple Turn Themselves In After Footage Shows Them Beating A Teenager, Mom Over Cold Food

Jeanette Norris, the owner of Qwik Chick, a Georgia fried chicken restaurant, and her 15-year-old daughter have been beaten by a pair of customers who became aggressive after receiving cold fried chicken. CCTV footage of the incident shows the horrifying moment that the mom and daughter team were viciously attacked by the couple from Georgia.

According to the Daily Mail, the couple, 45-year-old Nathaniel Smith and his wife, 28-year-old Latasha Smith, have since pleaded guilty to physically assaulting the mother and her teenage daughter. Specifically, the Florida Time-Union reports that the couple pleaded guilty to cruelty to children and aggravated assault.

The disturbing incident began when Nathaniel and his wife started complaining about the number of fries they received, and accused Ms. Norris of serving cold fried chicken. The pair eventually began pounding the glass and plastic barriers around the counter, demanding more food.

When Ms. Norris – who had just called 911 – asked the couple to leave, that’s when things got violent. Despite refunding the pair their money, Nathaniel and Latasha continued to act aggressively and started trying to kick and punch the restaurant owner.

As Ms. Norris’ daughter, who also works at the restaurant, arrived at the scene, she immediately tried to intervene. CCTV footage shows Nathaniel pushing the 15-year-old girl to the ground and punching her as she tried to rise. The Daily Mail reports that the innocent young girl suffered a concussion and a broken nose during the altercation.

During an interview with WTOC, both Ms. Norris and her daughter can be seen sporting black eyes. The Police Chief of the Baxley Police Department, James Godfrey, has condemned the violent incident, telling WTOC that this is the worst assault he has ever seen while serving as police chief. “That's just pure brutality,” concluded Godfrey.

After releasing CCTV footage of the incident to the public, the Baxley Police Department received dozens of tips relating to the identity of the Georgia-based couple. According to the Daily Mail, these tips gave police a “pretty good idea of who the culprits were.”

With the writing on the wall, Mr. and Mrs. Smith finally decided to turn themselves in to police. At this stage, Robert Guy, the Superior Court Judge, has accepted a guilty plea from the couple. The pair will be convicted and sentenced at a later date.

Online commenters and social media users have slammed the cruel couple, with one Daily Mail user sarcastically writing: “Serve them cold, greasy fried cheese clean whilst in jail, don’t forget the cold fries.”

“Since when has chicken eating been SO serious that it led to violence?” wrote Bill. “These two people are nothing but bullies and trashy bullies at that.”

Another commenter, Neilsway, took the opportunity to criticize the US justice system, writing: “The sad thing is they will do little to no time in jail even with overwhelming evidence against them. These violent criminals are a danger to all society yet they still roam free? How does that work?”

The bottom line is that physically assaulting people, especially teenagers, over chicken is never okay. This is exactly what ‘Bohohoney’ said on Facebook, writing: “How low can you go? Just ask this couple, they appear to have the answer. A grown man punching a 15 yr old child!!!”

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: WTOC, Baxley Police Department, Facebook

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