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Couple Shocked, Upset Over Town's Order - Remove Flag Pole Or Face Fine

A California Navy Veteran and his wife are pretty ticked off right about now, and the source of their angst has to do with what Galt City Community Development told them they had to do in regards to their own property. The couple has proudly flown two American flags outside of their home, but they have been informed that one of them must come down. As Fox News shares, that’s not sitting right with them.

“We thought it would look beautiful to show our patriotism of having two beautiful American flags on our property,” explained Sherri Raeta.

She had just moved into her home when she received a call about the flagpole situation.

“I kept saying, ‘stop kidding stop kidding,’” she recalls.

Except it was no joke. City Community Development Director Chris Erias explains there’s a specific reason behind the request.

“(City code) limits flagpoles to one per parcel with the maximum height of 20 feet,” he said.

Nonetheless, Sherri and her husband Ronald are ticked off. Sherri is taking it particularly personally, since her father is a World War II veteran and her son also served in the Navy.

“We lost so many Marines at Iwo Jima trying to put the flag up and we are being hassled about taking the flag down,” Sherri added.

“I’m furious. I’m furious,” Ronald chimed in. “We both love the American flag, we love America. I just can’t believe anybody would want us to take down an American flag.”

Erias understands that the couple is upset, but he points out that the code specifically prohibits more than one pole.

“I believe this was really put in to respect the integrity of residential neighborhoods,” he said. “We do not regulate content on who can buy what. For us, it really is limiting it to the pole.”

In fairness to Erias, the code is the code, and he’s just doing his job by enforcing it. It’s understandable that the Raeta’s are upset, but that’s a matter they’ll have to take up with the city directly. They can always direct their anger towards attempting to get the code changed.

“He did so much for the American flag to be free, so what’s the difference if I run two American flagpoles in the ground or two American flagpoles on the side of the house,” Sherri said. “It’s my flag and I should be able to fly it.”

Fair point, but other neighbors in the community have to abide by the same code. Perhaps Sherri and Ronald can have a chat with the neighbors and other members of the community to find out if anyone else feels the same way that they do. If they get enough people on board, perhaps they can really get the wheels in motion to have the matter addressed by the city.

In the meantime, as disappointing and cold as it may seem, rules are rules. There’s plenty of other ways for the Raeta’s to honor their family’s service, and one less flag is not going to impact the pride they feel.

Source: Fox News, CBS
Photo: CBS Screenshot

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