Couple Disturbed By What They Found In Daughter's Diaper (Photos)

Two parents from the UK are thankful their infant daughter is going to be ok after rushing her to the hospital for signs of bleeding, but they’re absolutely furious at what caused the injuries in the first place. According to the Daily Mail, the child was cut by jagged bits of metal that were embedded in a store-bought pack of diapers.

Lee and Michelle Yates of Liverpool, England were tending to their daughter when they noticed evidence that she had been bleeding via dark patches in her diaper. They would discover the bits of metal inside of her diaper, as well as inside the pack of Pampers they had purchased.

They rushed the girl to the hospital, but thankfully she only suffered minor injuries. Lee and Michelle were incredibly worried that the metal had caused further damage to their daughter, who is a preemie that has been battling a low immune system. While thankful that she’s going to be fine, the parents are incredibly upset with the situation.

“We were absolutely outraged and shocked that this had happened. You put trust in these big companies, especially when dealing with intimate hygienic areas and you expect things like this to be checked and go through quality control,” Lee said.

A spokesman for Pampers has offered the company’s apologies and assures the public they are investigating the matter.

Source: Mail Online
Photo: Mail Online/Cavendish Press

Metal in diaper cut infant.

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