Couple Arrested For Unfathomable Actions While Out With Their 7-Month-Old Baby

We’ve all come across those instances in which we question whether or not parents are up to the task in regards to raising children. Sometimes, it’s a really simple thing that points to a potential red flag, while other times it’s a glaring thing that makes it obvious there may be some problems afoot. Then there are those instances that are so over the top that there’s not a shadow of a doubt that the parents in question do not deserve the privilege of child rearing.

As USA Today shares, an Alabama couple has been arrested for some outrageous behavior they displayed while they had their 7-month-old daughter in tow. Shari Treba, 42, and Michael Trosclair, 45, were arrested in Indianapolis and charged with neglect as a result. The couple was at the Wild Beaver Saloon at 1 a.m., and it wasn’t to get a late-night bite to eat. An affidavit for the case summarized the matter succinctly.

"Partying was more important than their child," the affidavit read in part.

The couple’s behavior was so outrageous that cops were called to the bar. Treba was observed smoking and drinking while breastfeeding her child, while Trosclair drank to the point that he was stumbling. As cops arrived on the scene, Treba was outside of the bar drinking a beer next to the baby stroller. It gets worse.

Reports indicate that she attempted to entice patrons to go buy her more beer by offering them sex. As cops approached her, she denied breastfeeding her child while drinking as she took another swig of her beer. Trosclair stumbled along soon thereafter, and he attempted to explain that he was about to call them an Uber so that they could go back to their hotel. The cop would explain that they wanted to have the child looked at by a medical professional, and that set the man off.

“Trosclair became belligerent and started demanding to talk to a lawyer and telling us we weren't going to do anything,” the cop said. “'It was at this time, due to Mr. Trosclair's behavior, I put him in cuffs for fear he may fight us with the baby right there.”

The couple was arrested, and the baby was placed into the custody of the Department of Child Services. Thankfully, the child showed no signs of intoxication or other forms of neglect. The couple will have to appear in an Indiana court to explain their actions, and it’s incredibly hard to fathom that they will be able to come up with a convincing story. Trosclair, who is a former pastor, and Tremba, a life coach, have shown unconscionably bad judgement here, and it’s hard to envision them finding any sympathetic ears in the courtroom.

To have partying take precedence over caring for your own daughter is about the biggest red flag that can be thrown in terms of your fitness as a parent, and we can only hope the judges and all involved take that into serious consideration before allowing this couple to have contact with their innocent baby again.

Source: Daily Mail, USA Today
Photo: Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

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