Couple Arrested for Abusing Little Girl Who Told Teacher She Wished She Had Regular Meals

A couple has been arrested, and authorities suspect that they tortured a nine-year-old girl in their care. According to an investigation, the child was forced to sleep in the bathtub and drink water out of the toilet. After the investigation, authorities say that the abuse was so bad that it crossed the line into torture.

Police got a report in January from a teacher at a Shelby County school in Tennessee. Her nine-year-old student had tried to steal food from her. The girl, who routinely came to school looking dirty and disheveled, looked underweight and had a bald spot. She told her teacher that she wished she could move so she could 'sleep in a warm bed, take hot showers, and have good meals'.

Police came to the school and talked to the girl. She told officers that the suspects made her sleep in the bath tub or sometimes outside the house without a blanket. She also said that others in the home ate well, but she was given things like dry ramen noodles, or a hot dog roll.

The child was living with her father, 37-year-old Jesse Piatt, and her stepmother, 30-year-old Trish Piatt. According to an investigation, Trish had shaved a part of the child's head as punishment. She once broke her stepdaughter’s arm when punishing her, and the couple waited days before taking the child for treatment.

When they did, they told the doctor that the dog knocked the girl down and broke her arm. Allegedly, Trish Piatt had told the girl to 'go ahead and kill herself'.

Authorities estimate that it had been about a year since the little girl brushed her teeth.

Mr. and Mrs. Piatt were arrested and told authorities that the girl was mentally ill, and that they had wanted to send her to a mental institution. He says they feared she would 'kill them as they slept'.

The Piatts insisted that the little girl slept in the tub because she refused to sleep in her room. He also said she was not clean and did not brush her teeth because they were 'unable to make her do anything'.

A doctor examining the child said there were signs of 'child abuse by torture'. The child had numerous abrasions and bruises that were consistent with abuse. She also had a 'jewel' embedded in her ear. She claims she had reported pain to her stepmother, but Trish Piatt refused to take her to get treatment.

“The child’s behaviors and disclosures were all indicative of nutritional neglect, medical neglect, and psychological abuse as well as physical abuse,” say the records. "Descriptions of [the] treatment are consistent with torture and [the doctor] believes [the child] is at high risk for serious psychological problems as a result of [the] abuse, as well as death.”

The girl was placed in foster care and is reportedly doing well. Now 10 years old, she is sleeping in a bed, her hair has grown back, she's gained weight and appears to be happy.

Both parents have been charged with charged with aggravated child abuse and aggravated child neglect or endangerment.

Source: Yahoo
Photos: ABC 13 Screenshots

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