Cops Notice Mother With Stroller Acting Funny, Speechless After Seeing What's Actually In The Stroller

Gun violence continues to rise in the windy city. In 2016, the murder rate soared some 74 percent, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Police try desperately to keep up with the growing problem, even as more activists call for police to back down and use less aggressive law-enforcement tactics. Sometimes just by being vigilant, they can get lucky.

Luck struck for the Chicago Police Department in one recent case when an 18-year-old girl was walking through Chicago with a baby stroller. Police stopped her and found that she was pushing a stroller full of firearms and ammunition. The girl has been arrested.

Yarisma Martinez was caught on police surveillance cameras along with another woman going into a house, and exiting a short while after. Upon exiting the house, Martinez was pushing a baby stroller and carrying a diaper bag.

The same surveillance camera had spotted a man with a rifle on Tuesday. The footage was captured in the violent Back of the Yards neighborhood. The man was caught firing a rifle at around midnight.

Officers asked Martinez if she was carrying any weapons, and the teen told them to look in the stroller. Police found a Mossberg 30-30 rifle with two live rounds, spent shells wrapped in a blanket, a loaded 9-millimeter pistol, a 15-round magazine and a box of bullets.

Martinez did not have a valid Firearm Owner Identification, and there were no children in the stroller. She also had no prior criminal record, and had a job as a line worker.

She's facing multiple charges and currently being held on a $20,000 bail bond. The judge stipulated that if Martinez posted bond, she would have to adhere to a 24-hour curfew.

The scary thought is in whose hands the guns might have landed had the police not been vigilant enough to catch the young woman.

Source: CBS 2 Chicago
Photo: CBS 2

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