Cops Have Never Seen Anything Like This - Claims This Couple Is Evil

A California couple were caught trying to cross the border into Mexico with the body of a dead toddler stuffed into a duffel bag. The couple, alleged human traffickers, were arrested and face numerous charges.

Mercy Mary Becerra, 43, and Johnny Lewis Hartley, 39, are suspected of having trafficked the child's mother for pimping and pandering from 2012 through 2016. They allegedly seized the woman's daughter, the child known only as Angelina W., after she was born. The couple is suspected of having abused the child in the time they held her.

The two-year-old girl's body had been put in a duffel bag being carried by Hartley. The couple were traveling together from the U.S. to Mexico. An X-ray examination of the bag by Mexico's customs agents revealed the grisly contents.

Reports say Becerra attempted to run, but the couple were quickly taken into custody by authorities. They were promptly turned over to U.S. law enforcement and returned to California for processing.

An autopsy on the baby's body revealed the child died of drowning, but had also been malnourished and dehydrated before her death. Authorities believe the mother's daughter was withheld from her by the couple to coerce her into prostitution.

“She had her daughter next door in a hotel room. You’re going to do something to that daughter unless you go out and make me my money. If I’m a mother, I’m not leaving,” said Jim Carson, a women and children's advocate in Los Angeles. “People think it’s overseas or they’ll bring people from other countries into the United States. That’s typically in the massage parlors. But when you’re on the streets and the motels, it’s mostly American-born.”

Becerra and Hartley were each charged with one felony count of murder, torture and assault on a child causing death. They were also charged with human trafficking the child's mother. They're being held each on $3.2 million bail and, if convicted, face life in prison.

Source: AWM
Photo: AWM

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