Cops Destroy Family's Home and Christmas Tree by Mistake

A family in Kansas watched on in horror after police raided their home, tore up their stuff and destroyed the family Christmas tree. The police, as it turns out, made a huge mistake-- but then left without apologies or offering to help.

Nita Lane, a single mother of six, was getting her home all ready for Christmas as most other families at this time of year. Imagine her surprise when a troop of police descended upon her home, ejected her and her children and destroyed it-- all over a mistake.

Sheriff David Groves of Cherokee County led a small army of officers to the home where they thought an armed and dangerous felon was hiding. Groves got a report that Doug Alexius, the suspect they were looking for, was in the residence. An infrared camera led the officers to believe that someone was hiding in the attic, and they thought it was groves.

Despite Lane's protests that no one was up there, the officers forced her and the five of her children who live with her out of the home. For 20 hours, the police engaged in a stand-off, waiting for Alexius to come out. When they grew impatient, police began using a battering ram on a SWAT truck to poke holes in the walls and ceiling to drive out the suspect. Deputies began to destroy the house, tearing up furniture, clothing and toys. They tore the Christmas tree apart and threw it through a window.

As it turns out, Alexius was never in the home. Groves stands by his actions unapologetically, however, and gave Lane a phone number to an FBI clean-up program.

Friends and neighbors have come together to try and help pick up the family's belongings that now littered the yard. “It’s like the destroying of your dream you know,” said Macklin. “Probably the hardest part is just seeing they ripped their Christmas tree apart, and out their window it goes.”

A GoFundMe campaign was started by in attempts to help Lane and her children put their home, and their holiday, back together.

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SWAT makes huge mistake and ruins family's Christmas.

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