Cops Can't Stop Laughing After Reading This Message Across A Man's Truck

Police had been hunting for a prominent drug dealer for a while and finally caught him and put him behind bars. They just had to rub it in, though, after confiscating his truck.

The drug dealer used to cruise around in his prize truck, selling drugs like a criminal 'candy man.' Instead of driving in his vehicle now, the police are in it. The degenerate lost his ride when he finally got busted.

According to the law, if you use your vehicle for illegal purposes like selling drugs, police departments are entitled to keep cars under certain conditions. Most of these are sold in auctions and the money goes to cover department legal fees for confiscating items, or to local charities. It’s not required for the departments to sell vehicles, however; and the police chose not to sell this one in particular. They decided to use it to teach a lesson, instead.

A twitter user posted a picture of the back of the truck, outfitted with police lights. “This vehicle belonged to a drug dealer: He went to jail and we are driving his car,” it says on the back of the truck.

No one is sure what police department is behind the genius message, but most law-abiding citizens are applauding it.

Source: Mad World News
Photo: US Herald

Looks like they're getting the last laugh.

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