Cop Tells Man To Follow Him - Can’t Believe Where They End Up

One man in Indiana got terrible news at three o'clock in the morning on Sunday. His teen sister died in a car crash. The man drove through Ohio to get to his grieving mother when he was stopped by police. With a petty warrant out for his arrest, things looked grim. Then he encountered an unexpected act of kindness.

Mark E. Ross said he never really liked police. The black man's encounters with police in the past had never been good. But as he raced through Ohio in a borrowed car to comfort his mother after his younger sister's death, he was stunned by one officer's kindness.

Ross was pulled over and brought to jail. The car he was driving was impounded. Since Ross had a petty warrant out for arrest, he realized he could be going to jail instead of his sister's funeral.

While talking to Ohio State Highway Patrol Sgt. David Robison, Ross broke down and began to cry. He told the officer about his sister.

"He reaches over and began praying over me and my family," Ross wrote on Facebook. "Everybody knows how much I dislike cops, but I am truly (grateful) for this guy. He gave me hope."

Robinson then offered to drive Ross 100 miles to Wayne County to post his bail so he could be on his way to see his mother again.

Never judge a book by its cover—whether that cover is a skin color, or a uniform.

Source: KTLA
Photo: Facebook/Mark E Ross

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