Cop Stirs Outrage For What He Did To Hot Dog Vendor - Do You Have A Problem With It?

A hot dog vendor was hard at work one day when he was approached by a police officer.

Some bystanders argued with the UC Berkeley officer, who not only ticketed the hot dog salesman, but confiscated the man's money right out of his wallet. The unapologetic officer enraged the onlookers, who filmed the incident and posted it on the internet.

Martin Flores uploaded a short video clip of the encounter to Twitter and many people are as outraged as he is about what went on. A UC Berkeley campus police officer issued a ticket to a vendor who didn't have a permit and confiscated the man's money right out of his wallet.

Officer Sean Aranas approached the unnamed vendor just as Flores was purchasing some hot dogs. Flores began filming as he watched the situation unfold. Aranas began taking the money out of the man's wallet, with the hot dog vendor looking distressed.

When Flores questioned Aranas, the officer responded, "Yeah, well he doesn't have a permit. He doesn't have a permit. Yep, this is law and order in action...Thank you for your support.”

Flores told the L.A. Times he understood the ticket, but he couldn't believe the officer took the man's money. He was also frustrated that the officer singled out the hot dog vendor, and said the policing on campus appeared to be 'selective'.

“If he's really about law and order there's really so many other things he could've stopped... I totally recognize that people have to have permits. But this wasn't about that. This was about identifying one vendor. If you want law and order, be law and order across the board.”

In the video, Flores could be heard arguing with Aranas about people walking around on the day of the football game, drinking alcohol. The officer was not deterred from his focus on the vendor, though.

Flores' tweet went viral, and many commenters jumped in to complain about the officer's behavior.

"Keep posting his name. Nasty bully who took money from a hardworking man trying to feed himself and family. Utterly gross," tweeted one person.

"Agreed, that poor man's face, I wish I could just run over, give him his money back. and then go take care of the bully cop," another responded.

"[Y]es this Sean is a gross & despicable officer that has been acting inappropriately 4 years," said another of the officer.

"For real! With all the random drugs you can buy off loitering hippies in Berkeley, these thugs take down a rogue hot dog cart."

Some people decided to take action by starting a GoFundMe campaign for the vendor. People raise more than $80,000 for the hot dog vendor.

"His face and devastation is the face of someone struggling to pay rent or feed his kids. I'm enraged. Happy about the go fund me though."

In addition to the GoFundMe campaign in support of the vendor, a petition was started to fire the officer who issued the ticket and confiscated the funds. The petition is less than 3,000 signatures short of its goal of 50,000.

A spokesperson for UC Berkeley is looking into the matter.

Source: Independent Journal Review
Photo: Twitter

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