Cop Notices Something About Woman’s Baby - Leaves A Note On Her Car

A mom in Seattle rushing to a grocery store with her daughter parked the car and proceeded to take her toddler out. When she got back, she was shocked at what she found on her windshield. It wasn't a ticket.

The mom got her daughter out of the car for the quick errand, but the little girl took the time to flash a big smile at a nearby police officer and say "Hi!"

The mother, used to her friendly little girl, didn't think much about it as they went on their way. When she got back to the car, she found a touching note on the windshield, tucked up under the window wiper.

For a second the mother was worried - it could have been a ticket, or perhaps a note from someone who dinged the car somewhere. Instead, it was a lovely gesture from the officer.

"A simple wave from a little girl can make an officer smile and have a better day. Thanks,"
Officer C. Powell wrote. She also left a 'junior' police badge for the little girl, and "A $1.00 [bill] for your 'piggy bank'."

"Little did we know how her simple wave and smile changed someone’s day," the choked-up mom wrote on a Facebook post. "Officer Powell, you made my daughter’s week! Thank you for all that you do!"

Source: Little Things
Photo: AWM

Cop leaves mother a heartwarming note.

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