Clinton Fan Slams Cops And Trump Supporters - Makes Huge Mistake

A woman who felt offended by some lawn signs she passed daily acted out toward the homeowner. He called her out on it, and things got very messy.

Tara Dublin is a huge Hillary Clinton supporter, so she was seething over a couple of lawn signs she passed every day. One was a Trump sign that said: "Make America Great Again." The other was a sign that said 'Hillary for Prison,' and the homeowner put the sign behind a frame fashioned with gray bars.

Dublin was passing by the house one day and saw a man standing in the driveway. She flipped him her middle finger and called him a racist, probably feeling very satisfied with herself. Then she was shocked when the man followed her and began taking down her plate numbers.

Police quickly got involved, and Dublin filmed the incident on her phone for her social media page. The officer explained to her that because the man lives in a school zone, her 'obscene gesture' could result in her being cited for a 'public disturbance.'

When the officer called Dublin out on her rash actions, she argued that she 'silently protested' the man's lawn signs.

Dublin posted the video to social media. She got a lot of applauds and a lot of backlash for her actions. Someone created a fake twitter account in her name, which ended up getting suspended. Dublin applauded the suspension, 'because targeted harassment isn't ok EVER,' said the woman who targeted a homeowner for harassment.

Dublin doesn't know the man, but she's dubbed him a 'racist' with the hashtag #ChasedByARacist (both Dublin and the man are white). No word on if any charges are being pressed.

Warning: Graphic Language

Source: All News Pipeline
Photo: YouTube

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