Christians Horrified When They See Notes That Were Left Outside Church

Members of a community are worried after they discovered a series of notes outside of their church. Offensive racist propaganda was posted on the outside of their church building in Virginia. The predominately black Pentecostal church says it's like the 1960s are occurring all over again. The hateful messages were reportedly coming from a group calling themselves 'The Fourth Reich'.

The members of the Greater Praise Temple in Dumfries, Virginia, just south of Washington D.C., say they were stunned to find notes posted to their door with racist symbols and messages. One note had an image of a KKK member wearing a white hood, and a Confederate flag. It read, "Now thats [sic] white power... Day of the rope is coming (expletive)."

Under that, the sign read, 'The Fourth Reich', surrounded by swastikas. A KKK was also taped to the top of one of the notes.

Making church members even more nervous, when they called police for assistance, they say no officer was dispatched.

"The more I think about it, that's really disturbing. Why didn't they come out?" said Gwen Myles, a member of the church. "We want the support of the police department. We aren't going to let anything stop us from praising God."

According to Prince William County Police, they are aware of the situation but have no suspects at this time.

Members of the church have started fundraising efforts in order to place security cameras around the outside of the building. They're hoping that if anyone else attempts to threaten or hurt the congregation, it'll be caught on camera.

“I mean, this was targeted towards black people," said Myles. “It’s just shocking that this has to go on. Just seeing the hood and the Swastika signs and the white power. It’s almost taking me back to the 1960s.”

After the racial unrest that seems to be growing in the country, church members may have cause for worry. In 2015, there was the Charleston church massacre in South Carolina, in which white supremacist Dylann Roof walked into a black church and killed nine people.

Threats and attacks have not seemed to stop. In Charlottesville, Virginia, just two weeks ago, white nationalists and the KKK held a massive rally. The rally was to protest the removal of Confederate statues from public places, and counter-protesters lined up to oppose the white nationalist groups. Things quickly got violent when the two groups clashed, culminating in a fatal attack. One counter-protester was killed by a racist who hopped into his car and plowed into the crowd.

As racial tensions continue to grow, there seems to be no slowing down of the threats and offenses being committed by hate groups. Myles had a message for the culprits who left the threatening messages at her church.

“Read the Bible and understand that God is love,” she said. “He says to love everyone, no matter who they are, what their background is, what their nationality is. That’s our prayer, that they would understand that no race is more supreme than any other.”

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: MailOnline

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