Chinese Boy Repeatedly Abused By Adoptive Mother (PHOTOS)

In a horrific story out of the Middle Kingdom, a nine-year-old boy has been repeatedly whipped and burned by his foster mom for not finishing all of his homework.

In pictures that have gone viral across the internet, row after row of scars can be seen on the boy's hands, feet and back. The child abuse case was discovered when he told teachers that his parents were beating him with water pipes and branches, burning him with steam, and jabbing him painfully with nibs.

The boy says he was abused because he could not complete the extra homework his foster mother assigned to him every night.

Police say the adopted Chinese boy was hit with a rod, whipped with ropes and kicked by his adoptive mom, who is reportedly in her mid-50s.

The mother of the boy has been detained by police for "willful and malicious injury", according to reports in the Chinese media.

The boy was originally from eastern China, but was legally adopted when he was six years old. He has been temporarily placed with his biological parents.

Local Chinese media claim that his abusive adoptive parents are employed as a journalist and a lawyer.

Source: Mirror

Photo: Mirror

Boy abused by adoptive parent.

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