Chili's Customer Ordered A Soda, Waiter Gave Him Something Extra

Ken and Julie Yeardon are a New York couple who dined at their favorite restaurant, Chili's in Syracuse, New York.

When their chicken and broccoli meal was served Julie said, “The broccoli was undercooked - almost raw. I asked if they could cook it a little more." They noticed their waiter appeared agitated so, Ken asked him if he was okay and the waiter told them that there was no problem.

Ken paid for the bill and ordered a soda to go. He put the drink in the car cup holder and the lid popped off.

Ken shared “I said to my wife, ‘There's something in my cup and it looks like it's spit! My stomach was turning and I was shaking - it was so disgusting."

Ken went back to the restaurant and confronted the waiter “I said, ‘Why'd you spit in my drink?’ He said, ‘I didn't spit in your drink.'" Ken was so disgusted that he took the matter to the New York State Police, who considered it a potential criminal act.

They interviewed the waiter, Gregory Lamica, who denied spitting in the soda. They then asked the waiter to submit to a DNA test.

Three months later, the state crime lab results came back with a match. Lamica still denies spitting in the cup. He no longer works at Chili's, pled guilty to disorderly conduct and was fined $125.

Photo: Youtube

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