Chaos Erupts In The Courtroom After Victim’s Brother Does This

A courtroom in the state of Massachusetts erupted into a chaotic scene when the family member of a murder victim went ballistic and attempted to attack the man that has admitted to killing his sister. The defendant, 32-year-old Tony Ventura turned himself into police and confessed to strangling his girlfriend, 32-year-old Maria Morton, to death in the apartment they shared with a family member and their own two children. As the Daily Mail explains, the victim’s grieving family members showed up at Ventura’s first hearing in abundance, and it was too much for her brother to take.

Michael Morton leaped over the courtroom partition and attempted to bum rush Ventura, after he saw the killer calmly standing there. Court police quickly intervened and restrained him. He was led out of court in handcuffs as the courtroom was evacuated, and he is now facing his own set of charges and will be barred from any future court proceedings.

The victim’s sister had heard the couple arguing earlier that day, but she had no idea it would devolve into what happened. Ventura actually took to social media later that day to explain to family members that he had strangled the mother of his children. He turned himself into police soon thereafter and confessed, and he’s now facing first-degree murder charges.

Those that knew the couple best admit that they had a rocky relationship that they had become concerned about. Morton had even taken out restraining orders against him on two separate occasions, but she continued to take him back.

“She cared for this individual enough to keep trying to help him, and unfortunately it didn't work out in the end,” according to the victim’s long-time friend, Sandra Gutierrez.

Ventura’s attorney contends that his client is a heroin addict that suffers from depression, and that may stem from the fact that he suffered from lead poisoning as a child.

“This is a man who is feeling a great deal of remorse. He clearly has some psychological issues,” said attorney James Krasnoo.

Source: MailOnline
Photo: NBC Boston

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