Cashier Walks Up To Kids Playing A Game, Didn't Realize Who Was Watching Them

One mom recently saw an act of kindness that was so surprising she felt she had to share the heartwarming story.

Jaclyn Schaeffer, in the checkout line at her local grocery store, noticed her two boys were playing with the claw machine over by the door, and that one of them had just scooped up a new toy. She wondered what was going on as she knew the machine required money, and neither one of her sons had asked for any quarters.

Then her younger son Zander came running up and told her that her older son Schaeffer had won a new stuffed animal and that a “nice teenager” had given them the quarters for the machine.

Schaeffer described what happened in a social media post:

“The young man, Lamont, is a cashier who was on his break. No one asked him to put money in the machine so my boys could play, this humble, young man did it out of the goodness/kindness in his heart. The boys and I thanked him numerous times. Yes, I even called his manager to ‘share a good story’ for once.”

Schaeffer’s post on Love What Matters struck a chord with the public, as it has received more than 25,000 likes and nearly 1,500 shares in just one day.

Schaeffer says that although we hear so much about bad things happening today, there is still a lot of good and people trying to make the world a better place.

“There are still really good people in the world and as a mom, I’m glad to see that young people, like Lamont, are role models who are trying to make the world a better place for children,” Schaeffer said.

Source: Your Daily Dish
Photo: Travel Guide, Facebook/Love What Matters

Act of kindness goes viral.

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