Caretaker Gets 38 Years For Trying To Kill Veteran

A woman was arrested after she allegedly beat the elderly veteran in her care. Now, her motive has been revealed and she's been sentenced.

Elena Erickson, 47, has been found guilty of attempted murder and aggravated abuse after she repeatedly beat 92-year-old World War II veteran, Michael Tristano, on the head with his own oxygen tank. The Florida caretaker, who had been looking after Mr. Tristano for around ten years, became enraged and attacked the veteran after Mr. Tristano refused to give her a blank check.

When Ms. Erickson called 9-11 and reported that she had found Mr. Tristano in a pool of his own blood and urine, authorities knew that something wasn’t right. Upon interviewing Mr. Tristano after the incident, police discovered that Ms. Erickson brutally attacked the elderly man after he refused to give her a blank check for her services.

Mr. Tristano told detectives that the pair got into an argument when she arrived at his house early one evening last year.

After Mr. Tristano repeatedly refused Ms. Erickson’s request, she struck him twice on the head with his aluminum oxygen tank, leaving him with multiple lacerations on his face. Mr. Tristano, who tried to wrestle the tank from Ms. Erickson, also suffered from multiple bruises and cuts on his arms.

Mr. Tristano went on to tell detectives that Ms. Erickson, while giving him some towels to soak up the blood from his injuries, refused to call 9-11. Ms. Erickson also prohibited Mr. Tristano from going to the bathroom, where he was attempting to access his Life Alert necklace.

Furthermore, Ms. Erickson allegedly struck Mr. Tristano twice more before he fell over, which led to her pinning him down to the floor with a chair.

Mr. Tristano was left alone on the floor all night, bleeding profusely and drifting in and out of consciousness and, according to authorities, came very close to death. Early the next morning, Ms. Erickson left the home and called 9-11, telling officials that she found Mr. Tristano in a pool of his own urine and blood.

Ms. Erickson denied any involvement or connection to the assault.

Mr. Tristano was rushed to Venice Regional Hospital to be treated for the several lacerations that covered his head and arms. Staff at the hospital were incredibly concerned by the injuries the veteran had suffered, and decided to inform the police.

When Mr. Tristano came to, he immediately identified Ms. Erickson as his assailant, and she was arrested shortly after. At the time of Ms. Erickson’s arrest, police released the following statement:

“Mr. Tristano, a World War II veteran, knows what toughness is all about. He was able to survive the night. When he could not be reached by family in the morning they knew something wasn’t right. After emergency care and a brief stay in the hospital, he is recovering and has already returned home.”

Mr. Tristano, who flew 35 combat missions in a B-17 bomber during the war, testified in Ms. Erickson’s week-long trial in Miami. North Port police announced the outcome of Ms. Erickson’s trial on their Facebook page, thanking Mr. Tristano for his “fighting spirit.”

Police concluded their post by affirming that “He [Mr. Tristano] fought for us and we are proud to have fought for him #Justice.”

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: MCSO, MailOnline, Fox News, 123RF Stock Photo

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