Can You Spot The Sniper Hiding In This Image? (Photos)

The various branches of the US military all use snipers to take out high-value targets from a distance. Military snipers, sometimes called tactical snipers, have been trained to be expert marksmen, and use special rifles, laser sights and scopes for long distance shooting. In some cases, the most expert marksmen among snipers can hit their targets from more than a mile away.

Military snipers have also received extensive training in a variety of camouflage techniques. This in depth training enables these trained killers to use materials found in the area to blend in with their surroundings and become very difficult to see…even from close up.

Note that the best camouflage experts can cover themselves with tree leaves or dirt or paint the exact shade of the rocks in the area so they can’t be seen except by the most eagle-eyed of viewers.

Check out this series of pics of military snipers in full camo. Can you find all of the hidden snipers in the pics?

If you can manage to pick out all of the snipers in the pics, maybe you should apply to the Army to become a Green Beret!

Source: IJ Review
Photo: Independent Journal Review

Do you see anyone? Keep scrolling for the reveal.

Okay...try again.

Alright, last one!

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